Monday, March 30, 2015

One has to ask eventually

It seems like just about every week the Daily Mail has an article about Lauren Stoner on the beach in a tight small bikini in Miami (like this most recent one).

Apparently this is mostly what she does with her life.  Now, she has a superb body and looks fabulous, front and back and sides, in just about any bikini she wears (and she's been caught topless a couple of times, which is pretty fine too), but it begs the question...

... does she have a job?  OK, so this is what we know about her.  She was on a short-lived (emphasis on short) reality TV show called The Spin Crowd associated with the Kardashian clan.  And she was director Michael Bay's girlfriend for awhile.  We know this because just about every Daily Mail article that shows her on the beach in a bikini mentions these two facts.

I assume she does something that provides an income.  But nowhere in what is available online is there any information about what.  And I doubt the paparazzi pay her to hit the beach in a tight bikini.  (But I might.)

So one (such as me) has to ask - what does this woman do that allows her to basically be a 31-year-old beach babe?

But hey - it's not a bad way to live if you' ve got what it takes to live that way.  (Now, there is a clue in this article - it says that The Spin Crowd was about the business of celebrity PR (public relations).  And I found a LinkedIn profile for "Lauren Stoner" that is about the same business, and the picture sure looks like her (but it's a little hard to tell since she's not wearing a bikini).  So apparently I have now satisfied my curiosity.   This business does appear to have enough income to keep her in bikinis on the beach.

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