Saturday, March 21, 2015

Amazing women's swimming records happening this weekend

The NCAA Division I swimming championships are taking place this weekend, strongly overshadowed by the NCAA basketball tournaments.  So the sports world is not giving some astonishing pool performances the attention they deserve.    Cal, led by Missy Franklin, looks to be on its way to a win after tonight's finals.

Franklin obliterated the 200-yard freestyle record with a 1:39.10.  That's more than a second off the record, which is a LOT.

Kelsi Worrell of Louisville, which is becoming a swimming power, was the first woman under :50 in the 100-yard butterfly with a 49.89.

And Simone Manuel of Stanford swam the fastest 100-yard relay split by a woman in history, clocking a 45.45 to bring Stanford back for a win by .01 second.  I can't wait to see that race (it'll be on ESPNU in about a week).  Franklin, in Cal's third-place relay, merely anchored in 45.98.

Too bad stuff like this doesn't get mentioned on ESPN (though they did show Franklin's 200 IM win).

But wait, that's not all.

Superstar paralympic swimmer Jessica Long broke the record in the 400 freestyle for her division twice in the same day.  The 400 is a distance event, not exactly a quick dip-and-dash like a sprint.  So this is impressive for the Baltimore area star.

The CanAm championship is in Toronto.

There's a picture of her smiling with the medal in this article.

And here's a picture of her in her element (the water).  Getty Image Picture 

This one shows her racing.

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