Thursday, May 25, 2017

I don't like the sound of this

I've written many articles about the dire straits of the bluefin tuna worldwide.  But they aren't the only fish stock in trouble.

Now, before I go further, note that salmon, in general, aren't endangered.  There are too many salmon farming operations around the world for that to happen.  This particular issue is about wild salmon, specifically in California.  But the really good salmon (taste wise) are wild salmon.

Several of California's Salmon Species to Go Extinct Within 100 Years, Study Finds

"At the current rate, 45 percent of California salmonids are likely to be extinct in the next 50 years," said the study. "This includes 11 of 21 anadromous species and 3 of 10 inland species. In 100 years, 23 of the remaining 31 species (74 percent) are likely to be extinct if present conditions continue."

"The study's authors remain hopeful that habitat restoration and other protective measures can reverse the damage already done and prevent a mass extinction, but time is limited. "We do still have time, and we are optimistic that with some effort, we can have a future that involves these fish," CalTrout executive director Curtis Knight told reporters, as reported by NPR."

Let's hope so (as I always seem to say about these stories).

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