Friday, May 19, 2017

NCAA D1 Lacrosse Championships, otherwise known as...

The NCAA Division I Lacrosse Championships are underway, with quarterfinals taking place tomorrow (Saturday, May 20) and Sunday, May 21.

Here's the bracket.

Now, you will note in the title I said that the championships are "otherwise known as".   Which means, "otherwise known as" ... who does Maryland lose to this time?

Here's the history.

You will note that in 1975, Maryland won the NCAA Division I Lacrosse Championship.  You will also note that ever since then, they haven't.

And further, note how many championship game runner-up finishes they have had since then (meaning that Maryland lost in the title game).  10 times.  Twice in overtime, including last year to North Carolina.

It should be pointed out that schools from Maryland (Johns Hopkins, notably, and also Loyola of Maryland, in a defeat of -- you guessed it -- Maryland) have won the NCAA lacrosse championship.  And Salisbury over on the Eastern Shore has won the Division III championship numerous times, as recently as last year.  So all is not lost in the "home state" of the game.  All that is lost is -- the chances of Maryland winning it.  Why should this year be any different?

Well, if it is, I'll be stunned.

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