Sunday, May 7, 2017

Win or tie or cry

Well, after a fairly tumultuous Premier League season that included a long losing streak, dismissal of a manager once thought promising, some late season upsets of Premier League powers under the new manager (Sam Allardyce), timely contributions from their stars, and considerable angst in the fans in the stands, Crystal Palace has a clear-cut choice next weekend against Hull City.

Win -- they'll stay in the Premier League.
Draw -- they'll stay in the Premier League.
Lose -- cry in the locker-room, because their future will remain uncertain, and they have to play Manchester United on the final weekend.

Months ago it appeared they were headed toward relegation.  But the surprising wins against Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool got them unexpected and badly-needed points, and though they've dropped the last three against Tottenham Hotspur (tough), Burnley (not so tough), and Manchester City (real tough), they still, as the saying goes, control their own destiny. Given what they went through this season, that's quite an achievement, but it means nothing if they don't use said achievement wisely.

So, get at least a point, breathe easy, and then get ready for next season. Go Eagles!

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