Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lighthouse of the Week, May 21-27, 2017: Point Amour, Newfoundland, Canada

You know, happily, when you search "oakden wolf" and "lighthouse", the return is a lot of lighthouses -- takes a long time to reach the first babe. So, to continue the contributions in the lighthouse genre, I thought I'd go back to Newfoundland for another one, because one thing that Newfoundland has is a lot of lighthouses.

This one is romantically monikered on Point Amour ("Point Love" for us English speakers).  Here's a locator map.

Lighthouse Friends says:

  • "Point Amour literally means Love Point, but its original name was likely Pointe-aux-Morts, or “dead man’s point,” due to the numerous shipwrecks in the area. The establishment of a powerful light and foghorn on Point Amour reduced the frequency of shipwrecks, but some still occurred. On August 8, 1902, the 12,000-ton, 605-foot-long HMS Raleigh ran aground just west of the station. While visiting Newfoundland ports, the commander of the British warship decided to make a stop in Forteau Bay so the officers could try their luck in the Forteau River, which was known for its salmon and trout fishing. While approaching the bay in a heavy fog, the Raleigh had to sharply alter its course to avoid an iceberg and snagged its hull on a reef. A motorboat was launched to take a lifeline to shore, but it capsized in the surf, resulting in the drowning of ten sailors. One sailor did manage to get the lifeline to shore, and with the help of men at Point Amour, it was secured allowing the nearly 700 men aboard the Raleigh to come ashore."


It's 155 feet above the water, and the white tower with a red cap and one black stripe is 109 feet high, supposedly the tallest lighthouse on the Atlantic coastline of Canada.


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