Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Lighthouse of the Week, May 7-13, 2017: Corsewall, Scotland, UK

Around the world there are several lighthouses that have been converted to unique hotels, which offer a fairly unusual vacation getaway experience. The Corsewall Lighthouse in Scotland, which is still a working lighthouse, offers 11 suites and rooms, as well as a dining room, WiFi, nearby golf, and nearby park areas. It's located on Scotland's southeastern coast.

Link to the Lighthouse Hotel site

Here are the basic details, acquired from the esteemed Lighthouse Directory:

"1817 (Robert Stevenson). Active; focal plane 34 m (112 ft); five white flashes every 30 s. 34 m (112 ft) round masonry tower with lantern and gallery, attached to 2-story keeper's house. Lighthouse painted white with buff trim; lantern painted black. The keeper's house has been converted into a small hotel."

And below I have several pictures and a short video. Looks like a good place to get away if you want to get away, but I expect it gets a wee bit windy at times.

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