Thursday, May 25, 2017

Just like art

I've held off commenting on this "new" model for awhile. But now I just can't hold off any longer.

Meet Ekaterina Zueva (if you haven't already).

And also here.

She's Russian, she's insanely hot, she's apparently married (based on a comment she made responding to comments on one of her pictures), and she can be found via searching wearing little if any clothes, and wearing no clothes at all. She's very slender, but has the curves that make the boys wild. She poses in lingerie, sometimes, and posts pictures on Instagram (as "zuueva". She must be pretty young. She has pictures taken of her all over the world.

I will leave it to you interested readers to conduct searches for the lovely Zueva, if you are so inclined. The subject of this post was a very recent Instagram picture, shown below. The reason I'm posting it is to compare it to three water color paintings authored by the late Steve Hanks. I have mentioned Hanks before, I know, and posted some of his stunning nude studies. (Surprising, only once: Sensuality and Artistry, Part 2). If you like that kind of thing, search for his works, too. Hanks was a wizard with watercolor, and he also got the most luscious models on the planet to pose for him. His death was a definite loss of an outstanding talent (and he didn't just paint nudes, he painted seascapes, babies, kids... so sad that he's gone).

So here's the picture of Ekaterina.

This particular pose was a favorite of Hanks, and shown below are six (!) examples that are quite similar to Ekaterina's picture. So, as the saying goes, one man's art is another man's ... fascination.

Definitely a lovely theme.

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