Thursday, May 26, 2016

A different take on the cheese surplus

America can't eat its way out of this massive cheese problem

Slightly humorous take on the Great Cheese Glut of 2016, and explains why it is happening. Interesting factoids are contained within. The U.S. average per capita consumption of cheese is 36 pounds (to take care of the glut every single one of us would have to eat 3 more pounds). The highest per capita consumption of cheese is in France, at 57 pounds, but they commonly serve a fruit and cheese plate after dinner.

Of course, that made me wonder where other countries rank, so I found a table:

Global cheese consumption (Kg per capita) --- from the Canadian Dairy Information Centre

Finland, Germany, and Denmark (love that Danish Blue!) follow France in the EU, but Iceland is actually second amongst all the European countries.

Classic Danish Blue, since we're on the subject of cheese:

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