Thursday, May 26, 2016

A lot of Petra at Cannes

One of my totally favorite supermodels (I have a few, but she's always been one of the best), Petra Nemcova, was making appearances at the Cannes Film Festival, and even doing a retro glam fashion shoot.

And she did something else that made her quite appealing.  She wore a black sheer number to an appearance, and she didn't wear a bra (it was difficult to see how she could have worn a bra, actually).  The appealing thing about this particular black number, as has happened for other female celebrities wearing similar outfits, is that when the bright lights shine and the flashes go off, the black blouse suddenly becomes semi-transparent, and voila! she is indeed fully female!

See what I mean in the first linked article below, and then peruse the others at your leisure.

(This made me ponder whether or not Petra had actually posed nude in her career, and it turns out that she apparently did, once, at a very young stage in her career.  Also, she made a couple of runway walks with bare breasts, once with an open jacket, and the other time with some strange writing on her upper body.  All  of which can be ascertained with an image search using her name and the word nude.  Watch out for the fakes, there's a lot, and mixed in will be many other pictures of her wearing lingerie, swimwear, etc. -- and those are always enjoyable to see.)

Braless Petra Nemcova exposes a little too much cleavage when camera flashes turn her sexy plunging jumpsuit completely sheer at prestigious Chopard Cannes bash

Petra Nemcova shows off her supermodel figure in sheer lace gown as she puts on an animated display at L'Oreal bash in Cannes

Petra Nemcova oozes sex appeal in retro polka dot bikini as she poses up a storm for sultry swimwear shoot in Cannes

One pic from this last one:

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