Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lighthouse of the Week, May 8-14, 2016: Passage Island, MI, USA

Passage Island is a very small islet, actually, located at the northeastern end of Isle Royale in Lake Superior.  Now, even though Isle Royale lies off the coast of Minnesota, it is technically in Michigan. So the Passage Island Lighthouse is also in Michigan.

Below is a small map showing where it's located.

Read more about it at Lighthouse Friends:  Passage Island Lighthouse, MI

Current status, from that site:

"Passage Island Lighthouse was automated at the close of the 1978 season. The tower’s fourth-order Fresnel lens, a four-panel lens likely installed when the light was electrified, was removed in 1989 and is now on display at the Portage Coast Guard Station near Houghton. In 1996, Passage Island Lighthouse was declared surplus by the Coast Guard and was subsequently transferred to the National Park Service, which now offers excursions to the lighthouse from Rock Harbor on Isle Royale."

And below are three nice pictures of this far-flung rock and lighthouse:

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