Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Seagrass recovery in the Chesapeake Bay

Just a short note, since it's late:

The seagrass beds on the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay are getting larger.  That's good news for fish, shellfish, and people that like living on the Bay.

Chesapeake Bay Grasses Making a Comeback

"Due to human influence, mostly pollutants of one sort or another, the plants and their associated beds have been declining over the last several decades, beginning in the 1960s," said Dr. Michael Kemp.

A hurricane in the 1970s caused excess runoff from the land and from the Susquehanna River to pour into the bay, killing off much of the grass. That has started to change. But the real changes are up north.

"We think that the bay grasses have come back in the upper bay for a combination of reasons. It seems like there are subtle but real decreases in nutrients coming into the bay from the watershed and the Susquehanna River," said Dr. Cassie Gurbisz."

In a world where good environmental news is far outweighed and outspoken by bad news, this article made me smile.

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