Thursday, May 12, 2016

I haven't said much about Cheryl for awhile

For a couple of months, I haven't said much about the romantic travails and adventures of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, formerly and more easily known as Cheryl Cole, and before that the less musical sounding Cheryl Tweedy.     When last we visited our heroine (here on this blog), she was in the midst of rapidly divorcing her Fernandez-Versini husband, and the speed of that process had only been exceeded in her life by the rapid and somewhat hasty (in retrospect) speed of their romancing and marrying.

Well, she isn't exactly divorced yet, but that'll happen pretty soon.  Because while getting that Fernandez-Versini man out of her life, she went ahead and started a new, fresh, make-the-tabloids happy love affair with Liam Payne of One Direction.  Liam Payne who happens to be about a decade younger than her.

They haven't been shy about showing they're together.  One thing I have to sayu about this is:

Lucky Liam.

I mean, this is an experienced older woman who just happens to be hotter than the brightest flames in the fireplace.  She's gorgeous, talented, and furthermore, they speak the same language (mostly), unlike the soon-to-be-ex-husband.  Since he's young, good-looking, young, talented, young, fairly wealthy, and ... did I mention young?  I imagine that Cheryl is happy too, and one can hope in all the right ways.

The reason for writing this is to highlight to illustrated articles about their appearance as a couple at recent events, most recently the Cannes Film Festival.   The reason I emphasize illustrated is that there are several pictures of Cheryl in these articles.  I like that about these articles.

2.  In a striped 70s-style glitter jumpsuit at Cannes  (and the headline adds that Liam is lucky, which I already noted)

Good for you, Cheryl,  I hope Liam, unlike the others previous to him, makes you truly happy.  You deserve it.

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