Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Republican Party seeing how low it can go

The Pew Center reports on just now unfavorably the Party of Trump, aka the former Republican Party, is viewed right now by the American public.

GOP's favorability rating edges lower

The money sentences:

Currently 33% of the public has a favorable impression of the Republican Party, while 62% have an unfavorable view. Unfavorable opinions of the GOP are now as high as at any point since 1992. ... In October, 37% viewed the Republican Party favorably and 58% viewed it unfavorably. The decline in favorability since then has largely come among Republicans themselves: In the current survey, 68% of Republicans view their party positively, down from 79% last fall.
All of those low numbers are downright good news for the U.S.A.

Here's some more:

"Just 28% of independents view the Republican Party favorably, while 37% say they have a favorable impression of the Democratic Party."

Even more good news. I recommend reading the rest; those numbers are very insightful.

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