Monday, May 23, 2016

Couldn't she have a swimwear collection, too?

I hadn't checked to see what Michelle Keegan has been doing recently, so I did. Last I knew she was down filming a TV show in South Africa. Turns out she's released a new spring line for Lipsy London, and she models it in a short video. The dresses are tasteful, and MK, as would be expected, looks fabulous in them.

Now, the world has seen Michelle in a swimsuit before, and I'm sure many of us were as appreciative of that as I was. But we could always wish that Michelle could get connected with a swimwear or lingerie manufacturer, and produce a collection in that genre as well. And then (of course) she would model her personalized creations. And that would, again, be much appreciated.

Michelle Keegan's gorgeous spring collection

This is why we wish she had a swimsuit line too

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