Monday, May 2, 2016

Lili Simmons is pretty darn nice looking

I have to admit that I started watching the last season of Banshee because Eliza Dushku is guest-starring on it.  Banshee is a guilty pleasure, a film noir mix of sex and violence and drugs and thievery and sadism and murder and general all-around bad doin's in Pennsylvania Amish country.  One critic said that Banshee County, where it fictionally takes place, is the most dysfunctional county in America.

Not far wrong.  But after I started watching, I realized that actress Lili Simmons, who plays Amish girl gone bad (really, really bad) Rebecca Bowman, who happens to have been brutally murdered at the beginning of this finale season, is very appealing.  Hard to be wholesome when you're as bad as she is, but she gives it a go.

I figure there were some sexy pictures of Lili around somewhere, and I was right, there are -- see below.  And if you want to see more of her, there are screen caps and probably videos of the sex scenes that she's been an integral and unclad part of on Banshee.  Not hard to find;  trust me.

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