Friday, May 6, 2016

Big Botswana diamond will be on sale on June 29

The ultra-large diamond found in Botswana, which I wrote about here, has a name now, and it is going to go up for sale.

The name given to the diamond is Lesedi la Rona.

The article about it puts a rough (ha) expectation of the sale price at about $70 million.

The question in my mind is:  could they cut it to be bigger than the Cullinan I, in the sceptre of the British Crown Jewels, currently the largest cut blue-white diamond in the world (530.2 carats)?  I know I asked that same question in my first posting on this.  But I think that's going to be the big question after the sale.

I have no idea if the buyer will go for the record or not, but I would think that whoever buys it would certainly consider the option.  It all depends on what's inside the rock.

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