Thursday, May 26, 2016

Democrats will be unified - probably

The Washington Post predicts that once the primary shenanigans are completed, the party will unify behind nominee Hillary Clinton (her email controversies notwithstanding).

I certainly hope so.  The rationale is that LOTz of Democrats hate Trump.  That's strong language.  I'm not going to vote for him, as it stands, but my vote could be bought -- for $100K.  Even $75K.  See, I'm not THAT strongly opposed to a Trump presidency.

I mean, it's seemingly very unlikely that Trump could win (according to another article, if Trump wins all the states that Mitt Romney won, and also adds Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida), but its still possible.

But we can hope that the Democrats won't let up on Trump.  And the quote from the article shows that they already blasting away at him.

Yes, Democrats will unify behind Clinton - this political scientist persuasively explains why

""Beyond all this, Elizabeth Warren’s big speech this week attacking Trump as a cruel, selfish capitalist cutthroat and con artist, and framing the election as a stark choice between Trump’s fraudulent pro-rich economic agenda and concrete Democratic policies designed to improve people’s economic prospects, hints at a powerful unifying populist argument against Trump that Sanders (despite his hopes for more transformative change than Clinton will push for) would be well suited to make."

We Dems will unify, but I wish Sanders would just give it up already. And tell his supporters to vote for Hillary, because the alternative is unthinkable.

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