Sunday, May 26, 2013

Best of the Met

The annual Met Gala Ball lets fashion designers go a little crazy.  And they went crazier than normal this year with some kind of punk-couture theme.  So there weren't a lot of va-va-voom outfits on the red carpet this year.  So rather than try to pick the best-dressed and the worst-dressed, which was done many other Web places, I just picked who I thought looked good.    So here they are:

Blake Lively: This might have been the best dress of the night, and it doesn't hurt to be worn on her superstructure.

Jessica Alba:  enjoying the cleavage cutouts on this fashionably hot mom.

Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev:  Not that wild about Julianne, but Nina the vampire in lace and bustier drives me a bit wilder.
Miranda Kerr.  Some critics didn't like this bandage top dress.

I do.

A lot.
Emmy Rossum:  she is capable of going from cute girl to extremely high level knockout glamor.  This is an example of the latter.  Very regal and elegant.

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