Thursday, May 9, 2013

What does Paricutin look like from space?

Paricutin is the cinder cone volcano that popped up in a farmer's field in Mexico - poor farmer Dionisio Pulido will forever be remembered as the unlucky guy farming those particularly unfortunately located acres.  The volcano was named for the little tiny town that it obliterated, and the lava flows from the volcano also took out a slightly bigger burg, where the church steeple can still be seen emerging from the lava flow.  See below for a small picture of that with the still-active volcano on the horizon.

So it occurred to me that I had never seen what the volcano looked like from space (though I think I did see a picture of the larger volcanic field that Paricutin is part of).  So I simply took a look with Google Maps.  Because it's still black and fresh, the new volcanic cone and surrounding lava flows do stand out.   It's easy to see many other older cones in the picture.    Because I active loaded it from Google Maps, you can slide it around, zoom in, or zoom out on it.  Have fun.

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