Thursday, May 30, 2013

The picture of Arctic amplification

One of the climate warming talking points favored by skeptics is that the globe in total hasn't warmed much over the past 15 years or so.  They manage to get to that conclusion by taking the high temp in 1998 and the low temps of recent La Nina years and drawing a line between them.  Stupid, I know and I hope you do too, gentle reader, but that's what they do, ignoring the decadal warmth of the ought decade a couple of years back, which was far warmer than any other decade we've seen since systematic temperature records began to be collected.

But forgetting about that, one of the predictions of standard accepted influence of greenhouse gases on the temperature of the Earth is that the Arctic will get warmer faster than elsewhere on the globe.  And this recent picture from the NASA Earth Observatory site shows that's exactamente what is happen-amente.

And that means we are getting more caliente, un poco at a time. 

Arctic amplification

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