Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sonnet for May: 'As If You Were'

About time I wrote another sonnet.   This one came out about the way I wanted it to.  You never can tell if a sonnet will end up where you think it's going to go at the beginning.

'As If You Were'

How many times have I encountered you
in thought? Uncountable - you do possess
my mind at unexpected moments, through
the minutes of all days. As I progress
each mundane section that assembles life,
unbidden yet expectedly I find
myself with you, as if you were my wife
and we together celebrated bind-
ing love with physical emotions, deep
within each other's souls as bodies rolled
and mold and force and surge, before they leap
into the flames of ecstasy. I hold
those images until they fade, until
another comes and I am with you still.

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