Thursday, May 9, 2013

We can only hope

Rush Limbaugh vs. Cumulus Media

Although apparently Rush is disputing it, the facts don't support him (as is often the case with much of the Limbag's assertions) -- he and stations he's on are losing advertisers and thus the stations are losing money by airing him. The apparent abandonment of Rush might be a bellwether indicating a shift in the general public opinion, pointing to an increasing marginalization of the far right, partly based on the increasing  obviousness that a great many of them possess nary a clue related to reality. 

They still have way too much influence in Congress;  we can only hope that the loss of Limbaugh advertisers and a couple more missteps in Congress, perhaps combined with a collapse of the right-wing heaven in Kansas and increasing sequestration woes, will lead to a growing and influential recognition that the positions and politics of the intransigent and ignorant far-right are becoming less important.  It will take awhile for this to shake out, but there is definitely some shaking going on.

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