Thursday, May 9, 2013

We can only hope, Part 2

Youth climate vote rising?  Did the Markey defeat of Lynch hinge partly on young voters mobilized by  climate change concerns?

 Here's some things the linked article says:

"The youth vote has made its presence felt before. In the past two presidential elections, it was the youth vote that tipped the scale and decided the outcome of the race. We turned out in unprecedented numbers, in large part based on Obama's promises to take meaningful climate action. For many youth, and millions of other Americans, our vote is also a climate vote -- a vote for a livable future. We will be using our votes, our voices, to defend that future with a renewed urgency -- as we showed in last week's primary."

"The climate movement is a growing political force, and you can expect us to be a permanent and powerful part of the political landscape. We'll work to shape it until it reflects the America we need to see. As climate change takes an increasing toll on our economy and way of life, we will see more and more people taking a stand on the issues that matter most to America's future.

You'll be seeing us in electoral politics, mobilizing votes and going on the offensive. You'll see us at the polls too. We'll be the ones voting for our future. We hope you join us."

I already have, son.

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