Saturday, May 25, 2013

Yes, she has very nice ones

If you follow the type of news I like to follow (occasionally), then you will have found what I found already.  If not, and if you follow this blog (not very many people do, so consider yourself very fortunate), I am linking below to pictures of the slight wardrobe accident that befell Miranda Kerr last week.

To be specific, her top slipped down, exposing her lovely pair.
(This is probably NSFW, for those concerned).

Now here be the thing;  I've seen them before.  Many, many other people have too. She's gone topless before, both informally and formally.  She's posed nude for glamor, and she's posed nude on the beach.  I probably have even written posts about this type of thing before, so if you search 'Miranda Kerr' in the search box, you might find some more.

So is this a big deal?  Well, the way Miranda handled it, not so much.  She seemed amused.  So in essence if you're used to being valued for your beauty in your line of work, and you know that you've already displayed it all before, it isn't a big deal for you (and many of these swimsuit models will admit that there is no body privacy on a shoot, anyway).

But the thing is;  they're really nice.  And the thing about Miranda is, she's a dazzling combo of the cute and the beautiful and the sweet and the slinky.  She has a confidence in how she looks, who she is, and what she's got (which includes a cute tot and a handsome actor hubby).  So therefore giving the fans another glimpse of part of what makes her special is just another day on the job.

Well, maybe not just another day.  But, well -- how do you like THEM apples?

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