Friday, May 3, 2013

They really suck at this

Republicans can't get their own House in order, according to an article from Politico.  They are so riven in terms of their ideology and their motivations, they can't decide if making sure rape victims can't get abortions is more important that making sure kids born to mothers in poverty can't go to preschool.

Such a dilemma. 

This has been building, and coming, for a long time;  but the problem is now that these internal divisions are threatening the ability of the United States to ACTUALLY FUNCTION AS A SOVEREIGN NATION.  I.e., it's not just about politics, it's about government and governing and ACTUALLY DOING WHAT'S RIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE THAT LIVE HERE.

Sorry for the shouting.   But it's ripely clear that these guys have no idea how to fix the mess that they're in, which is creating a bigger mess for all of us to deal with.  So in the meantime, messes like climate change and the sequester and disaster relief and gun control don't get dealt with.

No wonder the approval rating of Congress is 17%.  Or 12%.  Doesn't really matter, it's obvious that Republicans suck at governing and most Americans are sick of their sucking.  Like I am.

A House in chaos 


" Speaker John Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy are plagued by a conference split into two groups. In one camp are stiff ideologues who didn’t extract any lesson from Mitt Romney’s loss and are only looking to slash spending and defund President Barack Obama’s health care law at every turn. In the other are lawmakers who are aligned with Cantor, who is almost singularly driving an agenda which is zeroed in on family issues."

and also

" House Republicans have had worse days — they had to abandon a tax plan pushed by Boehner in December, which was followed by a gaggle of rank-and-file members trying to prevent Boehner from serving a second term as speaker.

But the continued internal struggles illustrate a miniature picture of chaos. Despite all of House Republicans’ efforts to plot, plan and strategize to shift a divided Washington in their favor, hurdles have been difficult to avoid."

Face it, they SUCK at this.

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