Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cheryl, and Cheryl and Eva

I haven't posted a picture of the extraordinary Cheryl Cole for awhile, and it's been even longer since I updated her relationship status.  (She's in one, and it's working, it appears - more on that soon).

She's also a face of L'Oreal cosmetics, and as a perk of that she gets to show up at the Cannes Film Festival and model gorgeous gowns.

And with Cheryl, it's the smile that makes her more than just a pretty face and great body.  The smile makes her both radiant and girly, at the same time.  (The dimples, of course).

Turns out that she and another gorgeous girl, Eva Longoria, with whom Cheryl shares a history of being married to a professional athlete who did not comprehend his outrageous fortune, met up at Cannes and showed that putting beauty together is multiplicative,  not additive.

Cannes Film Festival:  Long-lost 'twin sisters' Eva Longoria and Cheryl Cole

This is all just fun with the red carpet glam, but that can indeed be fun. 

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