Saturday, May 25, 2013

I recognize you!

I was looking at these very funny fake ads, and one of them (the one with the naked model humorously partially covered), caught my eye.  Check out #10.

The best fake ads of the year (2012) 

It took my brain a couple of minutes to process the visual input and come up with a name -- Lindsay Wagner, Playboy Playmate, November 2007.

Now, this led to a bit of research, and I discovered a) that she's on Twitter, b) that she's married to relatively wealthy guy, and c) she has two kids, one pretty recently.  This via some of the pictures she posted.  (Oh yeah, she's still VERY cute).

The relatively wealthy guy plays hockey, but I don't think he's a pro hockey player.  This, however, is not clear.

One thing about this Lindsay Wagner - it has always been a slight challenge to find pictures of her, because of that OTHER Lindsay Wagner, the fine actress known best for being The Bionic Woman (even though her body of work showed that she was more than just an android).

I'll have to tell Playboy about this via Twitter during the workweek.

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