Friday, May 17, 2013

Just DO it, before it's too late for the country

The Senate Democrats have been thinking about this for some time, but this is more evidence that they're getting truly and justifiably fed up with the Pubbies tactics.

Senator Mikulski ready to go on nuclear option for filibuster reform

"The Hill reported on Monday that some Senate Democrats are considering changes to the filibuster to prevent Republicans from blocking nominations by requiring nominees meet a 60-vote threshold, rather than just a simple majority.

Reid is reportedly mulling the option and Mikulski said she would back him if he did — even if the mid-session change leaves Democrats open to the criticism that they’re changing the rules in the middle of the game."
From the admirable Greg Sargent:

You want a scandal?  Here's a scandal

"The New York Times yesterday highlighted two of the more recent ways that Republicans have manipulated loopholes in Senate rules to delay confirmation of Secretary of Labor nominee Thomas Perez and Environmental Protection Agency nominee Gina McCarthy. It’s worth stepping back and realizing: what’s happening here is that Republicans are delaying these nominations beyond their eventual insistence that almost all nominees must get 60 votes. In other words, they’re filibustering on top of their own filibusters.

That’s just two examples. There are numerous others; again, with virtually all nominees required to have 60 votes, one can accurately say that Republicans are filibustering every nomination. But perhaps the worst are the “nullification” filibusters, in which Republicans simply refuse to approve any nominee at all for some positions — the National Labor Relations Board, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — because they don’t want those agencies to carry out their statutory obligations.

In doing so, Republicans are not breaking the rules of the Senate. They are, however, breaking the Senate itself, and harming the government."

Seconded.  Heartily seconded. 

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