Monday, October 14, 2013

"Day of the Jackal" plan to make Ted Cruz President without an election

As the government shutdown winds on and as global economic catastrophe looms, I keep thinking that the Tea Party supporters with deep pockets might have something more nefarious up their sleeves.

Now, mind you, this scenario is the partially the product of watching many political thrillers over the years, from "No Way Out" to "In the Line of Fire" to "Homeland" and of course the titular "Day of the Jackal".   In no way could I plan this.  In no way could I do this.  I can't fire a rifle;  I don't own a rifle.  Furthermore, FBI, if you're reading this, I'm a freakin' liberal.  Read a lot of my political posts (you can skip the ones about the girls).  There's no way that I'd want this to happen.

But some people might.  And mind you, this is even far-fetched politically.  But it's not impossible.  And if one or two unlikely pieces fell into place, it might suddenly become an attractive idea to somebody. Somebody with an ax to grind from the far, far, far right, who DOES own a rifle and who DOES have deep pockets.

So here's the scenario.

1.  After the shutdown and the debt ceiling fight end, the latter perhaps with a capitulation by John Boehner to let Democrats and moderate Republicans vote together to avert global economic catastrophe, a Tea Party-led revolt against His Speakership ensues.

2. The Tea Party gains the ascendancy, and in a history-making move, they elect Texas Senator Ted Cruz Speaker of the House.  It's never been done before, to have a non-member of the House be Speaker, but there's nothing in the bylaws that says this can't happen.  Besides, Cruz is persona non grata in the Senate right now - his colleagues would be glad to see him go.

3.  Realize now that the Speaker of the House is third in line for the Presidency.  That only leaves Barack Obama and Joe Biden standing in the way of President Cruz.  The Koch Brothers, who were mentioned as having bankrolled the Obamacare stand (though apparently they didn't) and the election or candidacies of many Tea Party candidates in 2012 (which they did), perceive a better way to invest their megabucks than backing insane crazies who can't get elected.  To whit, they decide to hire a couple of top-notch assassins to take out the POTUS and VPOTUS essentially simultaneously, and give them sufficient funds for all the high tech stuff they might need.  Need a ride?  We've got a private jet.

4.  These shouldn't be too hard to find;  there's still a lot of ticked-off Al Qaeda members out there who still are a wee bit upset with the U.S. for Zero Dark Thirtying Osama bin Laden.  Plus, you don't have to hire someone who will want to get away;  a la Brody in 'Homeland', a suicide bomber will do just fine.  The money can go to the deceased suicide bomber's family and his local community.

5.  What does have to happen is that it has to be done fast, or Biden will appoint a VP in a jiffy if Barack gets it first, and vice versa (ha) if the VP is done first  - either of them realizing that Cruz is waiting in the wings if the VP office is empty. Still, I think Congress has to approve the new VP, so that could get held up until the other assassination is completed.  Holding things up in Congress is apparently not very hard to do!

6.  And then, sans election, Ted Cruz is President of the United States.  Cruz then appoints Texas Governo Rick Perry as his Vice-President.

It's easy, right?

Think I'm crazy?  Well, maybe not so much after reading this in the Huffington Post today:

The Far-Right Christian Movement Driving the Debt Default

"That is what makes the debt ceiling debate so chilling. The Reconstructionists have waited a long time to be in powerful positions. And now that they possess power, they are perfectly willing to use it to "reduce the power of the state" so that the God of the Old Testament can swoop in to rule the Christian nation they believe will result from chaos."

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