Monday, October 14, 2013

Mid-October sonnet

Note:  in this sonnet, the word 'enlinked' in line 8 should be pronounced with three syllables, 'EN-link-ED'.  This one also has a non-standard rhyming scheme.

"Upon a marriage bed"

I wonder, could it ever be that way -
remarkable, fulfilling, sharing, true -
exceptional and fundamental, play
enmixed with pleasure, basic to pursue
the pleasures of their partner, first as each
explores and touches, deeper, stronger, hard 
and soft and smooth and straight, the key and breach
that form a whole, enlinked to the starred
infinity for moments as they reach
a summit of their own, yet shared in gard-
ens of fertility, made known by moan
and gasp and quake and final flow, and shown
to be appreciated and adored?
I wish it could, to have my joys restored.

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