Thursday, October 10, 2013

The end for Tendulkar

One of the world's greatest athletes, who a large portion of the world's population idolizes but who a large portion of the American populace has never heard of, is about to retire.  There are a lot (meaning a whole lot) of articles about this phenomenal athlete out there, but because he plays cricket, which is not a widely-followed sport in America, he isn't well-known (obviously).

Still, I think ESPN should consider a short tribute to him, somewhen.

End of an era: Indian great Tendulkar to retire from cricket after 200th Test

Just look at the statistics. Tendulkar, now 40, is the leading run-scorer in the history of Tests, with 15,837 runs in his 198 matches, He is also the leading run-scorer in the history of one-day internationals, with 18,246 runs in an extraordinary 463 ODIs.  He has 51 Test hundreds and more than 100 international centuries in all. Surely no-one will ever come close to that record.

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