Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Leo - back to Brazil, or not?

Leonardo DiCaprio may or may not be newly dating a 24-year old Brazilian model.  Hearken back to the fact that he dated, for a few years, ultramodel Gisele Bundchen, also from Brazil.  So this makes perfect sense for someone who has a catalog of lingerie models to look through when he needs a partner for dinner, or something more after dinner.

Lucky guy.

Here's the article.

Model Kat Torres, 24, confirms she's dating DiCaprio as she opens up about pair's romance

This got picked up by other outlets, but there are also denials from the DiCaprio camp that they are actually dating.   So it's not clear or not if they are.  Nonetheless, even a hint of another DiCaprio model-girlfriend is worthy of checking out if she's worthy of Leo.  And it would appear that she fits his criteria quite well.

She fits into her lingerie quite well, too.

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