Friday, October 4, 2013

The new Miss World

The new Miss World is Megan Young of the Phillipines.  Now, Miss World is traditionally a looker; past winners have included Aishwarya Rai, at least once called the most beautiful woman in the world and Rosanna Davison, who recently posed nude for an international Playboy edition and showed that she's truly world-class.  Halle Berry finished fourth;  I'd like to see who won THAT year.

Megan is a model and a Philippine soap actress.  As one would hope for a beauty pageant winner, she's really beautiful.  I did some research and below are my results showing how beautiful she really is.  I also included some bikini pictures, because this year's contest didn't have a bikini section due to it being in Indonesia and this caused concerns about appeasing Islamic propriety.

(I also included some bikini pictures because she's no-show topless in a couple.)

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