Monday, October 14, 2013

Giada shows us the goods (almost)

Back in March, I stated my true and unfettered opinion that it would be great (if however extremely unlikely) to see the results of Food Network Italian specialist chef Giada de Laurentiis posing for high-class nude photographs.  I noted then, as I do again now, that this just won't happen, and I know that, but I can't help wishing that it would.

At the time, I posted a couple of fairly sexy shots of Giada, not knowing if anything more enticing would ever appear.  But only a few months later, it did, when Giada wore a truly remarkable dress that provided truly remarkable views of her most delectable decolletage to the Daytime Emmy Awards.

This outfit shows why it would be great if she deigned to show the entire wealth of her bodily assets.  And I can't help but thinking that the 'private' family photo folder at the de Laurentiis household must have some great shots, too.  Her husband would be crazy not to have captured both her anterior and posterior for posterity, if only theirs.

Dear God, how bad is it to pray for a wardrobe malfunction?  Just one?

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