Friday, October 25, 2013

She still looks heavenly

The big news in Miranda Kerr's life is that her marriage to husband and father to her son Orlando Bloom is reportedly over. This is sad.  It's sad to see two stunning examples of good lookingness break up.  However, as we all know, the most happiest marriages are those in which the husband is not as good looking as the wife, and frequently the husband is also older, too.  In this case, the prettiness was on both sides, and thus this could never work out long term.  (But the private family movies would sure be something to see.)

But despite that, one of the world's most beautiful women must persist in her calling to be very beautiful, and for Miranda, this is easy as breathing.   In this Daily Mail article, Miranda models some clothes and then just shows how beautiful she is.  Face wise.  We've had ample photographic and video evidence of how beautiful the body is.  (Just search "Miranda Kerr" on this blog and you will find some examples I've previously chosen.)

Miranda Kerr beach-side photos

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