Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rock stars get the chicks - but watch out

According to this Swim Daily entry (which includes as a bonus a nice picture of Kate Upton), there's a link to this article in which it is "confirmed" that Max George of the group The Wanted is now dating Nina Agdal - who not very long ago was dropped by Adam Levine of Maroon 5 in favor of a restart with another Victoria's Secret model, Behati Prinsloo.

Max George?  Not up on the latest Brit bands?  Well, that name rang a bell with me -- because Max George was the rock star that formerly dated, and was engaged to, stunning soap star and soon to be a world-ruling sex symbol, Michelle Keegan.  And Max George is the same bloke who lost Michelle Keegan because - get this - he cheated on her.

OK, that's not possible.   Well, I guess it was possible for him, because he's a rock star, but it wouldn't be possible for me.  Well, maybe it would be possible for me if I wasn't having sex regularly with Michelle if we were 'dating' - you know, once a year or so.   Maybe then I could contemplate seeking other outlets for my lust.

But Nina, Nina, Nina - this guy cheated on Michelle Keegan!  Can't you Google that?  I mean, if he can cheat on Michelle, he can cheat on anyone - even your fabulous self.  Now, like I said, the Michelle rule probably applies to you too - I mean, once a year with you would suit me just fine, but if you couldn't bring yourself to that, maybe I'd have to find another dance partner - but Max doesn't share my limitations. Apparently once he's conquested, he gets restless for another conquest, and being a rock star, apparently conquests are not much of a problem for him to acquire.  So I'd be very, very, very careful with this guy - especially since you've got some real experience with the fickleness of the rock star.  Good luck, and hopefully this will work out better than your last rock star.

OK, that wasn't fair.  But still, couldn't you find someone more reliable than a rock star who cheated on one of the world's most beautiful women?  I mean, c'mon, you're NINA AGDAL.  Normal men would worship you and devote their lives to making your every dream come true.  I truly hope you find fulfillment with Max, but if not, you can't say that you didn't see it coming.

And of course, since this is about Nina Agdal, it's an excuse to post a picture of Nina Agdal.

Or two of them.

Ahem, Max George, if you ever read this - either God has blessed you or you've got one hell of a deal with the Devil.  If it's the latter, enjoy the time you have left.

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