Saturday, October 19, 2013

Michelle Keegan gets ready for break out

The main thing standing between British soap actress Michelle Keegan and mega world domination is the fact that she's still acting on a British soap ("Coronation Street').   She announced awhile ago that she was leaving the show, but this being a soap and her being under contract, there were several months between the announcement and the end of her run as "Tina".   The Daily Mail is reporting that Tina is going to get killed off, but according to other statements, that hasn't been decided yet.  Now, death has rarely been a barrier to the return of popular soap characters (or their evil twins), so even if Corrie does kill off Tina, she could still come back in some fashion.  But I think the Brits prefer to have her leave on her own power so she has a chance to come back under her own power, should Michelle be unable to achieve mega world domination.

Facing the axe: Michelle Keegan's Coronation Street character to be killed off in 'whodunnit' storyline as part of ITV plan to win ratings war with EastEnders

Here are a couple of reasons why I think she's destined for superstardom.  And she might even be able to act, too.

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