Wednesday, August 5, 2015

ALEC helps campaign to undermine Clean Air Rule

Damn ALEC (American Legislative Council).  They think they're so clever.

But what they're really doing is standing in the way of modern cleaner energy sources, innovation, and investment in the future.  It's what they do.  But damn them anyway.

Opponents lay groundwork for state-by-state fight over pollution curbs

"The effort by ALEC to fire up state-level resistance to the EPA’s plan was approved July 24 at a meeting in San Diego of the group’s Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force. Members representing some of the nation’s biggest utilities, oil and gas companies and energy trade associations voted to support model legislation that brings states into the fight against the regulation."

Move to fight Obama's climate plan started early

"At a July meeting in San Diego, ALEC’s energy committee — which includes Mr. Duncan, the coal lobbyist who also worked closely with Mr. McConnell on his tactics — enacted a model bill designed to directly support state attorneys general who legally challenge the climate change plan. According to a person present at that July meeting, the bill would allow states to create funds, which could be funded by corporate donations, to support legal challenges to the climate change rules.

While it is not unusual for major corporations to sue the federal government over environmental regulations, people involved in the effort to craft a legal strategy against the climate change rules said the time, labor and coordination of the effort were unusual."

Damn ALEC.

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