Sunday, August 2, 2015

Something's missing

On the first day of the FINA World Swimming Champions in Kazan (hence their moniker, Kazan 2015 -- Kazan happens to be in Russia, in Tartarstan, to be exact), the audience was looking for something in the men's 4x100 freestyle relay.  Here are the team's in the final, from Lanes 1-8:


What's missing?  Well, the USA, obviously.  (But Germany is missing, too.)  It looks like the days of swimming a couple of alternates in the prelims are over.

Happily, Jeanette Ottesen, who got hurt in a road rage incident (I wrote about that here, in this article) is still swimming fast, but not fast enough to catch Sara Sjostrom, it looks like.  Sjostrom set a WR in the semifinals, with Ottesen about 1.5 seconds back.  So Ottesen looks in decent shape for a medal in this event, just not of the golden color.

Hopefully the USA can get gold out of swimmers that are not named Ledecky (she won the 400 rather handily).

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