Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Why was Efimova on drug suspension?

I missed that cute Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova (who I wrote about in this post), served a drug suspension.  I wondered why, as I hadn't heard about it.  Turns out she truly did take a supplement she shouldn't have, that had a banned substance in it.  I know it's tough being a world-class athlete, but as the ruling said, when you're a world-class athlete, you have to be real careful.  She lost some medals and world records, too.

Well, she's back, and she won the World Championships women's 100 meter breaststroke in an upset, catching the favorite Meilutyte in the second half of the race. Definitely made the Russian crowd happy.  And she's still real cute.  (Just about everything is Getty Images, so if you want to see her in and out of the water, click this link for a lot of pictures.)

One of my favorite swimmers, Alia Atkinson of Jamaica, was third, first swimming World Championship medal for a Jamaican ever.

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