Monday, August 31, 2015

Undangerous Predictions 2015: Two-thirds evaluation

It's time to make a quick evaluation of where I stand with my 2015 Undangerous Predictions.  Let's get to it!   Scoring:   X-Y-Z;  X is right, Y is wrong, Z is undecided.


1.     The Washington Nationals will make the MLB playoffs again.

** Pitching hasn't been what it should have been, and they have been beset with injuries.  Right now, this one is not looking good.  0-0-1

2.    The Washington Capitals will be in the NHL playoffs for the 2014-2015 season.

** Yup, they did, and pushed the New York Rangers to an overtime 7th game.  The sad fact is that they were ahead in game 5, up 3-1, with 1:41 left to play.  Being the Capitals, this was the beginning of the end of that playoff series.  But I got the prediction right. 1-0-1

3.    Caroline Wozniacki will be in the semi-final round of at least one Grand Slam tennis tournament this year.

** Only has one more chance, starting this week.   She just hasn't seemed to peak at the right times.  Iffy. 1-0-2

4.    Crystal Palace FC will avoid relegation in the Barclays Premier League this season.

** Sure did, and ended up 10th!  Don't look now, but as of right now this season (well, OK, maybe you can look) they are SECOND. Really.  I doubt it will last, but they can enjoy while they've got it.  2-0-2


5.    One of these Democrats:  Hilary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, or Joe Biden;  and one of these dangerous Republicans:  Rick Perry, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, or Scott Walker;  will declare their candidacy for President in 2015.  I don’t consider Chris Christie or Jeb Bush dangerous.

** The least dangerous off all my undangerous predictions.  Already done.  3-0-2

6.    Either the  state of Kansas or the state of Maryland will be reported to be making “unconventional”, “unprecedented”, “draconian”, “extraordinary”  or “dramatic” steps to reduce its budget shortfall.  One of those five words will be found in an article about either state’s budget.

** Not sure on this one.  The Kansas experiment has been bad, and I know the educational sector is unhappy.  Have to research this. 3-0-3

Here's some preliminary work.  Too bad "decimated" doesn't qualify.

--- Education is Newest Target of Kansas Budget Cuts

Whoa, Brownback used the word "dramatic" himself!  But it was about increases in state education spending, not cuts.

--- Kansas school funding cuts mean summer comes uncomfortably early

Winner!  --- Kansas Schools Committed to Funding Walking School Bus Program

"The grant funded project has ended. However, to date, 11 of the 17 schools have either committed funding, or located funding, to continue the WSB. This many schools agreeing to fund the program is noteworthy on its own, but it is especially meaningful considering Kansas education is experiencing unprecedented budget cuts."
Revised score:  4-0-2

7.    The efforts of Congress to reduce Environmental Protection Agency regulatory authority will be unsuccessful.

** This one merits further evaluation, but the Clean Air Rule, much as they don't like it, is in effect.  But some states are gearing up to resist it.  4-0-3


8.    Both the Mars Opportunity Rover and the Mars Curiosity Rover will still be working at the end of 2015.

As of September 1st, still going.  4-0-4  (but I'm hopeful this goes to "right", though Oppy has been having some memory problems.

9.    The New Horizons mission will find at least one more moon of Pluto during its flyby.

Not all the data on the flyby has been sent back, but I don't think it did.  However, it did get better pictures of the little moons.   Charon, of course, was covered well.  Sadly, have to call this as a  miss, even though New Horizon's didn't.  4-1-4.

10.    The Dawn mission will discover something “surprising”, “unexpected” or “unexplained” about Ceres.  One of those words will be used in an article about the discovery.

Yeah, I got this one right.   5-1-4,  read here:  

Unexpectedly, I get an Undangerous Prediction right!


11.    One celebrity couple that had a baby together, born after November 2014 and extending into 2015, will break up before the end of 2015.  This does not include Jeremy Renner, since that already happened.  (Plus, the mother of his child wasn’t really a celebrity. ) This is for at least a major-minor celeb pairing, not a major or minor celeb paired with an “ordinary” person.

Gotta do research on this one, too.  Have to check, because I think maybe the surprise breakup of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green might qualify.   Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick may qualify as well.  5-1-5.

12.    A well-known actress/starlet will do her first bare-breasted nude scene in a movie.  It will be noted as a surprise (or words to that effect) in reporting.

Kristen Wiig in Welcome to Me.  Complete surprise -- and not only was she bare-breasted, she was full frontal. DING.  6-1-5. This Web site says it was a surprise.  

Others:  Charisma Carpenter looked fabulous and nude in the abysmal Bound;  

So,  I hit the 50% mark, and I still might get a couple more of these right.  But that's how it should be for Undangerous Predictions.  Tomorrow, I'll evaluate the Edgy Predictions for 2015.

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