Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What current Republican candidates stand for

Ignoring Donald Trump, because despite his appeal to the stupid he won't last (amazingly enough), the Washington Post's Katrina vanden Heuvel describes where the current plausible Republican Presidential candidates stand on the issues.

The GOP's deeply flawed field

I guess you can figure that she isn't impressed by where they are currently standing.

You may want an anti-emetic before reading the following excerpted paragraph.  Well, I bet that Republican conservatives can stomach it, but it's pretty sick stuff for liberal Democrats.
"Those are the Republican “plausible” candidates: for more wars abroad, for spending more on the military and less on vital needs at home, for doing nothing about climate change, for sustaining failed trade policies, for cutting Social Security and adding to the growing retirement crisis, for rolling back regulation of Wall Street, for reviving the conservative war on women, gays and immigrants. Galston praises Rubio as “the future of conservatism,” but like Bush and Walker, Rubio advocates a future that would drag us relentlessly back to the failed policies of the past."
Bleah.  Yuck.  Ugh.

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