Friday, August 28, 2015

We've got to talk more about this

Just passing on a link to a paper that merits discussion, but I haven't had time to determine exactly what's going on with this.  So here's the title and opening paragraphs of the report.

Sunspot analysis questions solar-climate link

At a press conference held at the IAU General Assembly on Friday, 7 August, astronomers announced the results of an important revision to the historical record of solar activity.

The corrected version of the well-known solar-cycle graph brings homogeneity to the 400-year-long tally of sunspots, providing a trustworthy record to inform modern research on the Sun and on solar-terrestrial relations. It will provide an improved data set for ongoing studies of the solar dynamo, for predictions of space weather, and for models of climate change.

Notably the revised sunspot record shows that there has been no upward trend in solar activity since 1750 — a trend that had been suggested by previous versions of the count — which implies that there is no significant correlation between the level of solar activity and global temperature rise.

Much to ponder there.

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