Saturday, August 8, 2015

England wins the Ashes in astounding fashion (cricket)

Well, after losing the last cricket Ashes Test match series against Australia (in Australia) 5-0, which means they didn't win a single match, England came back and won it this time. They haven't played the last match yet, but England has one three, which means they get the little urn back.

This last match featured the first innings with Australia batting first.  England bowlers were masterful, and there were also some fantastic catches.  End result:  Australia was out with only 60 runs.

That is truly astounding.  There aren't many sports equivalents to getting beat that bad.  Maybe losing a set of tennis 6-0.   It's almost like a no-hitter in baseball.  When the normal amount of runs in an innings is like 250-400 (that's a range), 60 is fantastically low.

So, England grabbed the lead and the momentum there in a big way, and completed the match in three days (they can go 5 if necessary).   And so they won the Ashes.

England win the Ashes as Ben Stokes and Mark Wood clean up Australia tail to send sorry tourists home empty handed

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