Sunday, August 16, 2015

Post writer: we need a miracle on climate change

I'm posting this link to Michael Gerson's recent opinion piece on climate change because I tend to agree with his basic premise.

Here's the link:

We need a miracle on climate change

Here's what I agree with:

"If climate scientists are right about the pace of global warming, and about the total amount of carbon dioxide that humans can emit in the future without potentially catastrophic consequences, then we currently do not have feasible policy responses that are adequate to the need, even if we had far greater political will."
and this:

"[Bill] Gates (matching money to mouth) has pledged to increase his personal investments in green technologies by $1 billion over the next five years. But sufficient scale only comes from government. So he has also recommended that U.S. investments in basic energy technology be more than tripled — from about $5 billion to $16 billion a year.

Even at this level, energy research funding would lag well behind defense and health research. But the increase would allow some impressive scientists to fully explore a variety of speculative options: things like flying wind turbines that collect energy from the jet stream; or reverse engineering photosynthesis to produce usable energy; or batteries with dramatically increased storage capacity; or new nuclear designs that overcome the problem of radioactive waste." "
[And I add, modularity of nuclear power plants so that they can be built much more rapidly, and in more convenient places, and be safer.]

But this won't happen if there is a significant portion of the public that doesn't think it's necessary.  And it's pseudoscientists and deniers that are making the portion think that way.

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